From The Evening Times

EVERY household in Maryhill is being urged to get active and join in the fun at one of the 303 clubs in the area, as 40,000 Maryhill Activity Directories have been delivered to homes. This is the first year the pamphlet has been published on such a large scale and delivered through doors — it was previously only available in schools.

The move follows Friday’s launch by Glasgow’s Lord Provost, Bob Winter, who said the booklet is ‘enormously important’ to everyone in the area.

Mr Winter, who was born and bred in Maryhill, said: “The directory is getting bigger and better every year, reflecting the growth and strength of the community here.

“Activities within it are teaching kids life-long skills, like team work, and are helping them to discover where their talents lie.

“If you can get kids engaged in something they are good at it starts to make them feel really good about themselves then they improve in other aspects of life.”

Guests at the launch event in the Shakespeare Youth Centre were treated to a sample of what is available, through performances by the Oh Kami Karate club and Maryhill Integration Network music group.

Jim Hamilton, Deacon at Maryhill Parish Church, came up with the idea for the directory in 2003 and is in charge of producing it. This year he managed to almost double the publication’s production budget, generating a total of £9,500 — Glasgow City Council donated £5,000 and the rest came from community groups.

Mr Hamilton said: “This is about making people aware because there’s so many people who say there’s nothing to do around here, but there is plenty to do.

“It’s always the same people who are in many different clubs — we are trying to reach out to everyone else, to help them change their lifestyle and become more interactive and healthy.

“I believe that’s what I’m here to do, to serve the community, not just to put bums on seats in church.”